What our Customers say...


I had a great crew at my house they were very cautious and clean. They got the job done quickly and efficiently.

Travis is always on task and makes an extra effort to show up

Deen Giwa was extremely professional. He listen to my concerns and promised to complete the job to my satisfaction. He came with Geoff and Axel who did an outstanding job. Deen was completely courteous and professional - Kind and respectful.

Very detailed, and willing to explain the process and willing to answer my questions.   

Dave was so polite and the job he did was the best! He took his time and asked how it was every step of the way. It looked so good when he was done! I am so happy with the job. 

Dave H and Andy did excellent job and were a pleasure to work with, Thank you. 

When I had a recent water flooding issue in the lower living space of my recently purchased home, I could think of no one else to call besides SERVPRO of Linn & Benton County. Russ had let me know that they do water clean up and restoration to make it "Like it never even happened." and this ended up being a true statement.    From the first phone call, this team was on it. Woody, our assigned project manager, started by consoling my wife who was frantic and in tears that her house had been ruined by standing water. He made sure she was doing well and felt at ease throughout the entire process. The crew worked hard to get things mitigated and restored quickly. They also worked with us to only spend what we absolutely needed; coordinating with our insurance along the way.    Their ongoing communication, walking us through the details, and helping us get our living space back in order was absolutely tremendous. I'm glad I picked up the phone and called SERVPRO. My family and I would have been in shambles and wouldn't have known the next steps to take without their help. This company made all the difference in the world, and I didn't have to take time off of work to get it all resolved. I highly recommend you call them for your next disaster. You'll be glad you let this professional team take the guesswork out of your total restoration.

Crew Chief Tanya was excellent and very courteous & explained and answered all our concerns. You can be proud of her as your employee. 

These fellows were very professional, knowledgeable, courteous, efficient and hard working. A real asset to your company. Travis, Jaime, & Kris  

Tanya kept me informed as new developments occurred - She worked non stop and cleaned up all the mess!! Good job

We had extensive water damage that affected half our 2 story home and our insurance agent referred us to SERVPRO (Linn-Benton). The project manager,Woody, and his team immediately reacted to mitigate the damage and began the restoration process very quickly. The entire project from beginning to end was conducted with such care, attention to detail, and speed. More over, my entire family was put at ease by their professionalism which in turn earned our trust. We were often not home but we did not feel anxious about having any member of Woody's team in the house at any time. The hallmark of their service was the constant communication and the extreme care in which they moved around the house and interacted with us. At the end we were able to upgrade our home and it looks great! Woody's team truly turned an awful situation into a positive outcome. I would refer them to anyone without reservation!

SERVPRO saw me through an extremely troubling cleanup involving a death. They were prompt, compassionate, courteous, and thorough. The process was long and drawn out but they were flexible and accommodating, with a great deal of follow up and follow through. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

They were prompted and courteous. I greatly appreciated their coming on such quick notice. 

I want to highly commend Tanya and her crew. I was extremely impressed with how they worked together. They were courteous, pleasant, helpful, and a joy to be around. Also impressed was their working relationship. It was obvious she had their highest respect. They in turn respected her. It was pleasure to have them in my home. 

Everyone I've called and met has been wonderful. The guys who did the cleanup work were great! Thank you

Great job by everyone at SERVPRO! I appreciate all the hard work and so do the rest of our staff and clients.

Friendly, helpful & cleaned up great. Thank you so much  

Tanya and her crew worked on packing up my kitchen today. They had everything done so nice and neatly boxed up labeled and stacked in my garage. This was a huge, huge, job and I appreciated so much the way it was handled!!! All of the SERVPRO people I have had in my home have been amazing, this includes Randy, Travis, Fernando, Tanya and her crew!  

We appreciate all the time and effort your crew put into helping us today  

End project looks great! very pleased with my 10 plex restoration project. 

... You guys are my go to contractor! I'll never pass up an opportunity to highly recommend you!

The girls have cleaned my house beyond my expectations. They found places to clean that I never could have found. The cleaning service that I had clean my house when I moved here didn't clean windows and now the windows look new.

Outstanding work by David and his crew! They have great communication, excellent craftsmanship. Good job at setting and delivering on established goals and expectations.

Todays service was very professional, courteous and polite!

We are so appreciative of the knowledge and the courteousness of the staff workers! Thank you so much for making our mistake not so difficult to endure. We feel we are in good hands.

We want to thank you for the great job the your crew of Travis and Tanya did for the clean up of the turkey damage to our house. After they left, you would barely know anything happened. They took care of the shards of glass left in the  window frame, which was a bit beyond the call of duty given the precarious nature of that job on the ladder and in the cold wind. I have to take my hat off to Travis for doing it. They did a great job putting up the plastic sheet and tacked it in the frame very well, as there is no draft coming through it at all that we can feel. Tanya did a fantastic job restoring the leather couch. There are no stains of blood anywhere. It basically looks as good as new. 

Thanks again for the great service. We don't wish for future business with your company, but if there is a need, we will certainly give you a call. We will also be happy to recommend you to others.  

My house was flooded up to 4 feet from the ceiling. This SERVPRO from Oregon traveled to Minot ND to help us out. They have exceeded my expectations.  They should hire more people like Nick, Woody, Dave and Garrett. They are good people.